Rev Graham Llewellyn Grove

I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else... C.S. Lewis


Copies of some of my sermons can be found here: Sermons.

If you need to give a sermon, feel free to use and modify any ideas contained in any of my sermons. After all, freely I've received, so freely I should give!

Bible College Essays

Copies of the essays that I needed to submit for my theology degree can be found here: Bible College Essays.

If late one night you find yourself having to write an essay on any of the topics I did, hopefully my old essay will give you some ideas!

Also, during my time at Bible College, my friends Mark and Chris and I also also kept a wiki where we shared practice exam answer. A snap-shot of the wiki can be found here: BCSA Exam Question and Answer wiki


A selection of photos connected to religion and faith from my 2004 world travels can be found here: 2004 Religious Photos.

Regional and Conference Talks

Grove, G. Life and Death - The End of Life Issues of Euthanasia, Withdrawal of Treatment, and Relief of Suffering. South Australian Baptist Assembly. 2011.

Collaborative Projects


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